This is a booking service of a digital medical appointment with Dr. Wojciech Ozimek – specialist in parasitic infections and trained licensed pediatrician with long term experience in treatment of parasitic infections and tick-borne infections such as borrelia, bartonella, babesia etc.

Your digital medical appointment takes place directly via Dr. Ozimek’s clinic in Poland (Center Dr. Ozimek). It includes a digital medical appointment (30 min). After your appointment you will receive a summary of information from your doctor’s appointment together with your treatment plan.
The medical appointment can be carried out in English, Spanish or Polish.

We recommend that you take the time to inform the doctor about your symptoms, medical history, attach any photos and previous clinical results in good time and no later then 48 hours prior to your appointment, which you can do HERE. This is to ensure that both you and the doctor can make the most of your appointment. When booking an appointment with Dr. Ozimek through The Parasite Clinic you consent to sharing personal data and patient data relevant to your booked medical appointment. Your test-results and medical history will be forwarded to the Doctor upon booking your medical appointment.

Please note that the medical appointment is not included in the cost of the tests provided the Parasite Clinic and that no discount codes apply to this service. A medical appointment can be booked only after a confirmed infection.

After completing your booking request with us, you will receive an email confirmation with a payment link. You can also choose to pay directly after completing your booking with us. Our payment options are provided through Klarna (safe payment).

Please note that your booking reservation and medical appointment is valid only once we have received your payment and that we need to receive your payment preferably within 60 minutes from your booking request, or it will may be cancelled.

If there are no timeslots available, please click HERE to sign up on our emailing list for new appointments.

This medical appointment is not carried out by The Better Option AB, (the company that runs / / but is provided by Center Dr. Ozimek, Warsaw, Poland. Payment goes through The Better Option AB and guarantees you a digital medical appointment – if your for any reason you would need to cancel your appointment, you are entitled to a full refund as long as we have received your notification no longer then 24 hours prior to your medical appointment. Missed appointments are charged with £50/€55.

When booking a service through our website, you accept the conditions we have in processing and sharing your personal data and patient data to third parties and in connection to the service you have booked. You can find more information about how we handle your personal data HERE